For all your water filtration needs – FilterUP!

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As a society, we have become more particular about the things we eat, drink, and even do.  You and I, both, are likely more aware of the water we consume, especially its quality or lack of quality.  I’m sure you are on this site because you’ve decided that water quality is important.

Water-Pitcher-1We live in a world where harmful pollutants are finding there way into our water supply. You’ve probably noticed that the quality of water out of your tap is a mystery, and sometimes just isn’t very appealing.  That’s why water bottles and water filtration usage is rising.

To get the water quality we’re looking for, filtration is a must.  Water filtration for personal use has come a long way in recent years.  If you’re an active outdoors type, you’ll likely have used the water filters for camping or hiking.  But, everyday use hasn’t been easy to find, until now.

Filterup is dedicated to bringing a variety of high grade water filtration products to the average consumer.  Currently, you can find Seychelle’s high quality water filtration line for your choosing.  Filterup is committed to grow the water filter offerings over time, to become your full supplier of water filtration needs.

Multiple-Filtration-BottlesWe offer filters designed to bring you the level of filtration you need to enjoy clean water in whatever environments you find yourself. In your home, the Seychelle family water filtration pitcher will supply you with clean drinking and cooking water. The filter will last for months of use before a replacement filter would be neccessary.  And, when you’re ready to replenish your water filter for the water filtration pitcher, you’ll easily find it available on Filterup.

Royal-5-Way-Shower-Head-1Shower heads are also available with filters in them to remove the pollutants from the water to provide clean, refreshing showers.  The filters clean your shower water before it touches your skin or lungs, as chlorine can be breathed in as it turns into a gas. Our children are important to us, yet we often overlook the water they drink.  Filterup offers the Seychelle children’s bottles and sports bottles with full water filtration no matter where they’re filled.  Give yourself peace of mind to know your child can have clean drinking water at school and their extracurricular activities.

Flip-Top-Filtration-Bottle-SeychelleIf you work in the city and are concerned about all the chemicals used to treat the drinking water, get the Seychelle flip-top filtered bottle or a Seychelle Sports bottle with the standard filter.  These filtered water bottles are designed to remove all the chemicals used in treating city water.

On the weekends, or holiday, if you spend time on the trails or active with outdoor activities, then feel confident with one of the Seychelle Advanced water filter bottles or water filtration kits.  The Seychelle filtration Canteen, the Pure Kits, Water Bag, or the pH20 Flip Top water filter bottle are all great choices for outdoor activities.

These water filters not only remove the standard chemicals used by most cities to treat the water supply, it also removes bacteria and viruses found in lakes, streams, creaks or swamps or whatever sources of water you find along the trail. These water filtration choices will keep you safe, hydrated, and satisfied during all of your outdoor activities.


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