Why You Should Not Use Unfiltered Water When Cooking

Consider the consequences when using Unfiltered Water When Cooking

These days, cooking isn’t just about making food tasty; it must be healthy, as well. When fresh vegetable, fruits and pasta washed, soaked and cooked in unfiltered water when cooking, it may contain more than the essential nutrients you anticipate.

Here’s why you need to use filtered water when you cook.

Chlorine in Unfiltered Water Ruins the Flavour

No matter how great your cooking skills are, unfiltered water can really ruin the taste of food. Chlorine along with other contaminants in tap water can spoil the natural flavours and textures of food. Considering that chlorine is commonly used to kill and curb organic growth in the water, imagine what it can do to organic foods.

Chefs in five-star restaurants only use filtered water when they cook to preserve the original taste of their recipes.

To prove this, prepare two equal portions of vegetables. Soak each portion separately; one in filtered water and the other in unfiltered water for five minutes. Then, boil the vegetables separately, again cooking one portion in filtered water and the other in unfiltered water. Do not add any seasoning to either portion.

You will find soaking and cooking with filtered water makes food taste better. The colour of the vegetables will look brighter and more appetizing. Unfiltered water contains chlorine, which will produce yellowish-looking vegetables. That’s because chlorine is known and used as a bleaching agent.

Consider Health Concerns of Using Unfiltered Water

Still more important than the taste of our food, is the impact that cooking in unfiltered water has on your health. Some of these concerns are:

  • Chlorine kills bacteria because it’s poison. Eating food prepared in chlorinated water means you’re consuming a small quantity of those poisons.
  • Over time, chlorine can be absorbed by the body and can lead to cancer and heart disease.
  • Heating chlorinated water while cooking releases chlorine vapour, increasing the possibility for harmful effects to your health.
  • Contaminants consumed through food prepared in unfiltered water can lead to allergic reactions and skin irritations.
  • Even after chlorine treatment, harmful bacteria can enter the water through pipes and storage. If tap water is not filtered, these contaminants may be transferred to food prepared in water.


If you’re concerned about drinking unfiltered water, you should also be concerned about preparing and cooking food in it. Using a good kitchen water filter will remove the chlorine from your unfiltered water and greatly improve the taste of your food and beverages.


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