3 Smart Hydration Tips for Your Next Workout

Summer is easily the best season to recommit to your health goals and get active. Whether you prefer to hit the gym or play sports, keeping water on hand and practicing smart hydration is essential.

Proper hydration boosts performance and endurance while minimizing recovery time.

Here are 3 smart tips for staying hydrated while on the run! (Or on the hike! Or on the tennis court!)

1. Get the Right Filtration Gear

Water filters ensure your body is getting the highest quality of water. Which water filtration you should get depends on the activity.

If you prefer the gym, steer clear of the fountain and use a sports filtration water bottle.

For outdoor activities like hiking and camping, consider investing in the Pure Water Bag. They hold enough water to quench your thirst during those long excursions!

On long bike rides, bring a stainless steel water bottle. It fits nicely in your bike’s rack and the steel will keep the water cool during a long ride.

2. Try DIY Sports Drinks

Your body loses electrolytes during prolonged periods of exercise. Commercial sports drinks may restore electrolytes, but are high in sugar and sodium. The healthier option is to make your own! Try a simple mix of coconut water, citrus, honey, and filtered water. You can customize it to your tastes while getting all the nutrients you’ll need after an intense workout!

3. Practice Smart Hydration Before and After Exercise

Drinking water during your workout is a given for most people. But many people miss the importance of hydrating pre-workout. Drink 5-10 ounces of filtered water 30 minutes before any strenuous exercise. Depending on how much you sweat, you may need to increase how much you drink after your workout. Weigh yourself before and after your workout to determine how much water was lost through sweating. Drink 24 oz. of water for every pound you’ve lost immediately after exercise.


You can increase your intake of quality water with the right gear. Being smart with how you hydrate will maximize the results of exercise and improve your overall health. Whether you need to play your best game or run your best race, water has you covered!


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