Hydrating with Filtered Water while Biking

For serious cyclists, sipping fluids before and after a hot-weather workout is just as important as drinking during a ride. You’ll be able to ride farther and faster without hitting a wall in a physical and emotional sense. You could find it very difficult, if not impossible, to carry on if you’re not properly hydrated. In a worse-case scenario, neglecting to drink enough water could even put you in the hospital.  

Here’s how and when to hydrate with filtered water while biking and why drinking filtered water is best.

Timing is Key

Drinking filtered water before you get on your bike will help you avoid dehydration out on the road. Sipping 13 to 16 ounces of water four hours before getting onto your bike and another 12 ounces two hours after, will give you the best absorption.

While riding, drink enough filtered water to match the intensity of the exercise, the heat of the day, and your body’s needs. Based on a 150-pound cyclist, one 16-ounce bottle per hour in cool weather is recommended. In very hot weather, as many as four bottles per hours is average.

After the ride, your goal is to replace lost fluids and electrolytes. Drinking filtered water with a light meal within an hour of finishing an easy to moderate ride, should be adequate.


Rides vary in terrain, speed and distance and people sweat at different rates, but hydration goals are the same for everyone. The goal is to minimize fluid and electrolyte loss or gain. If the ride was long and intense, use the weighing method to determine your drinking schedule.

You can learn your individual sweat rate by stepping on the scale before and after a long or hard ride. If you weight less after the ride, you should be drinking a bit more. Weighing more means you should cut back to avoid becoming overhydrated.

Keeping it Simple

Stick with filtered water while biking on easier rides. Get your electrolytes, calories, and fluids from the meals you consume prior to and after your ride.

For rides over an hour or in especially hot weather, consider a sports drink. However, choose one with just the essentials; that is, fluids with carbohydrates, and electrolytes. Avoid the ones with additives and sugar. Better yet, make your own sports drink with a simple mix of coconut water, citrus, and filtered water!

Why Filtered Water While Biking is the Best

Seychelle filtered water systems remove all the contaminants in tap water without stripping it of essential minerals. Choose a flip-top or pull-top water filtration bottle to get safe, quality drinking water from almost any source.


Staying hydrated while biking is essential to avoid dehydration and health risks. Seychelle filtered water bottles are the best way to ensure you always have enough clean, quality water to drink.


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