Why Filtered Water is Important in the event of an Emergency

While it’s not something anyone likes to think about, natural disasters and other unexpected emergencies can happen almost anytime or anywhere, and it’s important to be prepared for such situations. Along with having an emergency kit stored in the home or car that includes first aid supplies, thermal blankets, pocket knives, and flashlights, having access to clean, filtered water is arguably the most important provision of all.

Reliable Filtered Water

A reliable water filtration system, such as the Seychelle radiological water pitcher, is a must-have in the event of a natural disaster such as a tornado, flood, or earthquake that can cause water main breakage and compromise the drinking water. Filtered water can capture and eradicate any contaminants or pollutants from the treated water system that may be tainted from the disaster, such as harmful bacterias or pathogens.

Flip Top Filtration

A flip top filtration bottle with either an Advanced Filter or Extreme Filter is another excellent option for emergencies as it is lightweight and portable, making it easy to store almost anywhere. Both filters offer superior filtration but springing for the Extreme Filter adds the advantage of filtering turbid water and even radiological contaminants.

Preserving Water

In addition to treating water post-disaster, it is also useful in preparation for an emergency. Simply store purified water by pouring it into a sterilized, BPA free, airtight container. Having larger quantities of water in advance is ideal as the average person requires a minimum of 4 litres per day, not to mention the amount of water needed for personal hygiene, cooking, and cleaning.

It’s important to remember that any stored water should be kept in a cool dark place, and only up to six months at a time before being replaced with fresh water.


Although you can never know when disaster might strike, you can take steps to be prepared while taking comfort in the knowledge that you have access to clean drinking water.


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