How to Stay Hydrated During Travel With Right Filtered Water Bottle

Travel often entails long periods of time in a confined area, to new destinations you’ve never been to before. It’s important to be prepared! While there are many important items to pack, bringing the right hydration equipment may be the most important item of all!

Here are the three ways to ensure you stay healthy and hydrated on your next trip.

Bring a Flip Top  Filtered Water Bottle

Whether you’re travelling for business or a vacation, having the Seychelle Flip Top Filtration Bottle is an essential item to have on hand. It’s light, portable, and BPA free. Better still, you can fit it with the ionic adsorption micron filter to suit your needs.

Use the Right Water Filter

If you’re traveling to another city on business, the standard filter is perfect for filtering out chlorine and metals found in local municipal water systems.

If your travels lead you to a more rustic location, try upgrading to the advanced filter which will filter out bacteria and other pathogens that might be found in river or lake water.

To be ready for anything, go with the extreme radiological filter. This filter does everything the standard and advanced filters do, but also removes radioactive isotopes. If traveling to an area with reported radiation contamination, this filter protects you from possible isotopes in the drinking water. The filter also removes radon that can occur naturally in well water systems.

Pair Your Water with Hydrating Foods

Bring along a bag of chia seeds and sprinkle them in your water after a long day of travel. Chia seeds absorb water up to 12 times its weight, keeping you hydrated longer. Rice is another highly absorbent food that can help your body retain water.

Adding coconut water to your filtered water bottle can help restore electrolytes after a long day in a car or airplane.


With a little planning, it’s easy to stay safely hydrated while traveling. No matter where the road may take you, your flip top water bottle will keep your drinking water clean and healthy! Take a look at our filtration gear and find the filter that’s right for you!

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