How Filtered Water Improves the Taste of Your Coffee

How Filtered Water Improves the Taste of Your Coffee

We savoir the aroma and taste of a great cup of coffee, especially first thing in the morning. But ever wonder why the coffee you make at home isn’t as good as the coffee at your favorite coffee shop?

When coffee is brewed using municipal tap water, it could contain chlorine along with other unwelcome contaminants.  

Coffee Chains Use Filtration Systems

Starbucks and other coffee chains use systems to ensure filtered water quality,which remove contaminants that interfere with the taste and smell of coffee. Most home coffee makers are made with a cheap in-line filtration system that eliminates bacteria, organic solids and sodium. But it also leaves your water without the minerals needed to compliment a good cup of coffee.

Here’s what you can do to improve your coffee’s water quality:

Test Your Filtered Water

To test your water quality, smell and taste it to see if you pick up on any harsh odors or flavours. That will tell you whether or not your water is good enough for your coffee. It should have no discernible taste or character. If the water you’re going to use doesn’t taste right, don’t use it.

Use the Right Water Filter

Coffee is 99% water, so the quality of the water you use is vital to a great cup of coffee. It’s pricy and wasteful to keep buying bottled water to use in your coffee machine. Instead, use the Seychelle water pitcher and filter. It removes up to 99.99% of chlorine, chemicals and heavy metals, as well as removing up to 90% of fluoride from tap water.

Clean Your Coffee Maker Regularly

The buildup in coffee makers can affect the taste of your coffee. That’s why your machine needs to be cleaned every few months. By using filtered water in your coffee maker, you’ll limit the number of times you have to clean it.


If you invest in a good quality machine and expensive beans, it doesn’t make sense to use unfiltered tap water. Your coffee won’t taste right and your coffee machine will need to be cleaned more often.

You can easily make great coffee at home by cleaning your coffee maker every few months and using a Seychelle water filtration system. Visit our products page to find the perfect water filter for your coffee!

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