The Damaging Effects of Tap Water on Hair

Protect Your Health: The Damaging Effects of Tap Water on Hair

Your hairdresser has probably already told you that most drugstore-quality hair products are very damaging to your hair due to their high chemical content. However, there’s something else we miss taking into account when it comes to caring for our hair; the effects of tap water on hair.

Municipally treated water is already known to be harmful to your health. Besides its negative effects on your skin, it can also be the reason you have dull, brittle hair. It can actually impact how effective – or ineffective – your haircare routine is. Here’s why:

Micro-Pollutants Can Cause Damaging Effects of Tap Water  On Hair

Hard water has a high mineral content, especially calcium and magnesium. After many washings, minerals dissolved in hard water create a scaly film on the hair, preventing moisture from entering the hair. The result is dry, tangly locks.

Municipally treated water contains synthetic chemicals like chlorine and fluoride, which have been identified as “micro-pollutants”. These chemicals, along with many drug store shampoos, are the culprits responsible for damaging your hair and changing its overall appearance over time.

Dr. Bessam Farjo specializes in trichology, a field within dermatology that focuses on hair and scalp health. Dr Farjo’s comprehensive study concluded that tap water can indeed wreak havoc on our hair.

Tap water can even cause hair loss. The free radicals in hard tap water can result in hairs fall out more quickly, causing balding over time.

Eating for Hair Health

Iain Sallis, a tricologist from Hairmedic, advises that a nutrients deficient diet can cause your hair to thin. Vegan and vegetarian diets eliminate dairy, meat and fish, which can be detrimental to your hair. These food groups are key to providing the body with important vitamins, minerals and nutrients that contribute to the growth of healthy hair.

Filter Out the Chemicals

Our filtered shower head has a built-in filtration system to remove the chemicals in tap water that can damage your hair. The patented filtration media removes chlorine in a wide temperature range.


Hard water laced with harmful chemicals coming into our homes is a fact of life. Combat its effect on your hair by eating well, using quality shampoo, and installing a filtered shower head.


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