Conserve Water: Canada’s Most Precious Natural Resource

Conserve Water: Canada’s Most Precious Natural Resource

Water is a basic necessity of life that is largely taken for granted in North America as few understand that usable water is a limited resource. Despite the planet being over two thirds water, less than two percent of it is the potable fresh water we use every day.

Alarmingly, the number of instances when water plants experience a deficit of water is on the rise throughout North America, making the practice of water conservation more important than ever.

Even a few small adjustments in the home can save hundreds of gallons of water per month! Help conserve water by following these tips:

Conserve Water by Using Filters

Not only is drinking properly filtered water important to your health, water filters also benefit the environment. One filtered water bottle can be reused repeatedly and filter up to a hundred gallons of water, preventing the use of hundreds of plastic water bottles that end up in the dump. It takes no less than 300 years for a plastic water bottle to disintegrate.

Water bottle production and transportation also lends to over-consumption to another finite natural resource: petroleum.

Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Invest in newer, more eco-friendly upgrades to your home. Many modern toilets and shower heads are designed to use less water.

Another option to consider is insulation of your water pipes, which will heat tap water faster and prevent water from running as long before getting hot.

Check your sink and toilets and fix any leaks; even small leaks can waste gallons per day.

Avoid Running the Tap

Whenever you use the sink, avoid letting the tap run whenever possible. If you’re hand washing dishes, fill the sink with water and dish soap, turn off the tap, and do all the dishes at once. Even turning off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth can save up to two hundred gallons of water per month!


In Canada, water is so plentiful that most people don’t realize how scarce a resource it’s becoming. It’s important to do your part in our society’s efforts to conserve water and protect Canada’s most precious natural resource. Even if your water conservation efforts feel like a drop in the ocean, it’s a drop worth saving.




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